Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press


BHT Brand - Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press (5 Cylinder Model)

Deep Draw Hydraulic Press for all types of Deep Draw.
Six, Five, Four, Double & Single Cylinder Models available.
Deep Draw in Material like MS, CRC, SS, Copper, etc.
The machines are available in different Capacity, Sizes, and Operation:

Tonnage Capacity: 30 – 1500 Ton.
Up to 8 No. of Cylinder.
Table Size: 250 x 250 to 2500 x 2500 mm. (Min. – Max.)
Operating System: PLC, Push Button Operated, and Motorized Hand Lever Operated.

Machine Features:

Pressure Plate Locking Valve, Pressure Control Valve, PCM, Pressure Switch, Push To Read Meter Button.
Safety Feature: Hand Entry Resist Photo Safety Sensor, Body Safety Guards Cover, etc.
Model Available With Spring Loaded Die, Normal Die, and Progressive Die.
Fast & Easy Operation
Very Low Maintenance
High Durability & Reliability.
High Quality & Performance.
Standard Brand Raw Materials (Available everywhere in World).
Pump & Valve Make: Veljan Denison, Rexroth, Yuken.
Hydraulic System Make: Jacktech, Poly Hydrone.
Electric Moto Make: Siemens, ABB or Havells. IE2 Standard or Higher.
Cylinder Hard Chrome Plated, Grinding & Honing.
Cylinder Seal: Chevron Seal, Wiper Seal, ‘O’ Ring, Road Seal, Bore Seal (‘U’ Seal) & Guide Strip.
Cylinder Seal Make: Kastas.