Broaching Machine – Vertical (Pull Type).



BHT Brand - Broaching Machine - Vertical (Pull Type)

Technical Specification

Broaching Type Pulling Force (Kgs.) Broach Length (mm) Max. Stroke (mm) Working Table (mm) Electric Motor (HP) Coolant Motor (HP)
Vertical Pull Type 2000 – 20000 600 – 2000 400 – 1750 300×275 to 600×550 3 – 10 0.25

Standard Machine Model Technical Specification

Broaching Machine – Vertical [Pull Type] – Single Cylinder

Model BM/V-3T/800 BM/V-5T/1000 BM/V-7T/1200
Body Type Vertical. Vertical. Vertical.
Body Structure Mild Steel (MS). Mild Steel (MS). Mild Steel (MS).
Working Type Pull Broaching. Pull Broaching. Pull Broaching.
Cylinder Capacity (Hard Chrome Plated). 3 Ton. 5 Ton. 7 Ton.
Maximum Pulling Force 3000 kgs. 5000 kgs. 7000 kgs.
Guide Shaft Dia. (Guide Bush with Bearing). 40 mm. 50 mm. 50 mm.
Working Table Size 300 x 275 mm. 400 x 300 mm. 450 x 350 mm.
Face Plate Bore 40 mm. 60 mm. 80 mm.
No. of Hydraulic Cylinder Single Cylinder. Single Cylinder. Single Cylinder.
Maximum Broach Length 800 mm. 1000 mm. 1200 mm.
Hydraulic Cylinder Stock 600 mm. 800 mm. 1000 mm.
Broaching Cutting / Return Speed Cutting Speed: 2.2 inch per/sec. (Variable Speed).

Return Speed: 6.1 inch per/sec. (Variable Speed).

Max. Working Pressure 10 – 180 kg.
Coolant Oil Tank Capacity 40 liter [approx]. 40 liter [approx]. 80 liter [approx].
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 100 liter [approx]. 200 liter [approx]. 250 liter [approx].
Electric Motor 3 HP Three Phase, 1440 rpm 5 / 7.5 HP Three Phase, 1440 rpm. 7.5 / 10 HP Three Phase, 1440 rpm.
Coolant Pump 0.25 H.P.
Power Pack Pump: 12 – 30 LPM. Pump: Tendum Pump. 1 Nos. 80 liters. Low Pressure & 1 Nos. 20 liters. High Pressure. Total 100 liters (LPM).
Valve: Solenoid Valve Yuken, Veljen Denison, Rexroth, make. Pressure Control Valve, Variable Flow Control Valve.
Power Supply 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.
Standard Accessories Breather, Oil Level, Section Filter, Liquid Feed Pressure Gauge.
Panel Components Contactor and Push Button. / PLC – Touch Screen with Push Button. (Optional).
Operating System Push Button Penal Board: Main power On/ Off, Motor On/Off, Emergency Stop Button, Auto & Inching [Up & Down] Operating System with a push button and Adjustable Cylinder Stroke Proxy Sensor.
Retrieval System (Optional) Auto Retrieval System for Round Broach. (Optional & Extra Price).


Vertical – Pull Type, Single Cylinder.
For Keyway, Spline, Serasation or any other type of Internal Broaching.
Material of Component: SS, Brass, Casting, Iron, MS, etc.
Broach Holder – Automatic Semi – Automatic (both available)
Operating System with Push Button Penal Control (Standard).
Operating System with PLC / CNC (Optional)
Fast Return Speed.
High Accuracy, Fast Performance Machine.
Fast Cycle Time.
Easy Operation
Very Low Maintenance
High Durability & Reliability.
High Quality & Performance.
With Barcode Scanning Technology.
Standard Brand Raw Materials (Available everywhere in World).
Manufactured Machine Body from MS material.
Specially Designed according to Customers Requirement. (SPM & Customized)