Broaching Machine – Vertical (Pull Type) 2.0 – Double Cylinder



BHT Brand Broaching Machine - Vertical (Pull Type) 2.0 - Double Cylinder

Technical Specifications.

Broaching Type Pulling Force (Kgs.) Broach Length (mm) Max. Stroke (mm) Working Table (mm) Electric Motor (HP) Coolant Motor (HP)
Vertical Pull Type 2000 – 20000 600 – 2000 400 – 1750 200×275 to 600×550 3 – 10 0.25

Standard Machine Models

Broaching Machine – Vertical [Pull Type] 2.0 – Double Cylinder

Model BM/V2-5T/800 BM/V2-7T/1000 BM/V2-10T/1200
Body Type Vertical. Vertical. Vertical.
Body Structure Mild Steel (MS). Mild Steel (MS). Mild Steel (MS).
Working Type Pull Broaching. Pull Broaching. Pull Broaching.
Cylinder Capacity (Hard Chrome Plated). 5 Ton. 7 Ton. 10 Ton.
Maximum Pulling Force 5,000 kgs. 7,000 kgs. 10,000 kgs.
Guide Shaft Dia. (Guide Bush with Bearing). 40 mm. 50 mm. 50 mm.
Working Table Size 200 x 275 mm. 225 x 300 mm. 250 x 400 mm.
Face Plate Bore 40 mm. 60 mm. 80 mm.
No. of Hydraulic Cylinder 2 nos. Cylinder. 2 nos. Cylinder. 2 nos. Cylinder.
Maximum Broach Length 800 mm. 1000 mm. 1200 mm.
Hydraulic Cylinder Stock 600 mm. 800 mm. 1000 mm.
Broaching Cutting / Return Speed Cutting Speed: 2.2 inch per/sec. (Variable Speed).

Return Speed: 6.1 inch per/sec. (Variable Speed).

Max. Working Pressure 10 – 180 kg.
Coolant Oil Tank Capacity 40 liter [approx]. 40 liter [approx]. 80 liter [approx].
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 150 liter [approx]. 225 liter [approx]. 375 liter [approx].
Electric Motor 3 HP Three Phase, 1440 rpm 5 / 7.5 HP Three Phase, 1440 rpm. 7.5 / 10 HP Three Phase, 1440 rpm.
Coolant Pump 0.25 H.P.
Power Pack Pump: 12 – 30 LPM. Pump: Tendum Pump. 1 Nos. 80 liters. Low Pressure & 1 Nos. 20 liters. High Pressure. Total 100 liters (LPM).
Valve: Solenoid Valve Yuken, Veljen Denison, Rexroth, make. Pressure Control Valve, Variable Flow Control Valve.
Power Supply 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.
Standard Accessories Breather, Oil Level, Section Filter, Liquid Feed Pressure Gauge.
Panel Components Contactor and Push Button. / PLC – Touch Screen with Push Button. (Optional).
Operating System Push Button Penal Board: Main power On/ Off, Motor On/Off, Emergency Stop Button, Auto & Inching [Up & Down] Operating System with a push button and Adjustable Cylinder Stroke Proxy Sensor.
Retrieval System (Optional) Auto Retrieval System for Round Broach. (Optional & Extra Price).


Vertical – Pull Type, Double Cylinder & High Tonnage capacity
For Keyway, Spline, Serasation or all other type of Internal Broaching.
Material of Component: SS, Brass, Casting, Iron, MS, etc.
Broach Holder – Automatic & Semi – Automatic (both available)
Automatic Reterival System (Optional)
Operating System with Push Button Penal Control (Standard).
Operating System with PLC / CNC (Optional).
Fast Return Speed.
High Accuracy,
Fast Performance Machine.
Fast Cycle Time.
Easy Operation.
No Maintenance.
High Durability & Reliability.
High Quality & Performance.
With Barcode Scanning Technology.
Standard Brand Raw Materials & Parts used (Available everywhere in World).
Manufactured Machine Body from MS material.
Specially Designed according to Customers Requirement. (SPM & Customized)

Broach Holder & Auto Retrieval System Prices