Ball Valve Testing Machine (Hydraulic)


BHT Brand - Ball Valve Testing Machine (Hydraulic)

Model Horizontal Hydraulic Press
Body Type Two Pillars – Horizontal.
Cylinder Bore 220 mm.
Cylinder Rod 180 mm.
No. of Cylinder Single Cylinder.
Main Cylinder Stroke 1000 mm.
Ram To Table Gap Min.: 1600 mm – Max.: 2500 mm.
Site Clearance 1500 mm.
Center Height 1000 mm.
Power Pack Pressure Control Valve, Pressure Locking Valve and Pressure Switch, Solenoid Valve
Maximum Working Pressure 200 kg.
Gauges List Meter dial: 280 kg. High Pressure: 200 kg.

Meter dial: 70 kg.  Low Pressure: 32 kg.

Pneumatic dial: 0 – 21.

Oil Tank Capacity 100 Liter. (Approx.)
Valve Solenoid Valve Yuken make.
Electric Motor 7.5 HP (1440 rpm) Make ABB, Havells & Siemens.
Power Supply 415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.
Standard Accessories Breather, Oil Level, Section Filter, Liquid Feed Pressure Gauge.
Operating System Motor On/Off, Emergency Stop Button, Up & Down Push Button and Cylinder Stroke Adjustable with Proxy Sensor and RYB Indicator.


We also Manufacturer on Customer’s requirement. (SPM)
Operating System with Push Button Penal Control (Standard).
Operating System with PLC CNC (Optional)
Cylinder Locking System (Hydraulic Locking)
Safety Feature: Hand Entry Resist Sensor, Body Safety Guards Cover, etc.
Easy Operation
No Maintenance.
Heavy Body Construction.
High Durability & Reliability.
High Quality & Performance.
With Barcode Scanning Technology.
Standard Brand Raw Materials (Available everywhere in World).
Pump & Valve Make: Veljan Denison, Rexroth, Yuken.
Hydraulic System Make: Jacktech, Poly Hydrone.
Electric Moto Make: Siemens, ABB or Havells. IE2 Standard or Higher.
Cylinder Hard Chrome Plated, Grinding & Honing.
Cylinder Seal Make: Kastas.